Cooking with Bacon

Bacon can be eaten on its own often at breakfast with eggs or may also be used for additional flavoring of roasts, especially game meats. You can also include bacon in many dishes such as burgers, sandwiches, soups, salads, lasagne, pasta, plus numerous other menus that make you drool.

Jacket Potato with Bacon
Jacket Potato with Bacon
  1. Spike the both sides of the potato with a fork.
  2. Place in Microwave Oven
  3. Select Potato then Start
  4. Turn Potato over & cook again
  5. Remove from Microwave & wrap in foil until ready to serve
  6. Add a dollop of Sour Cream
  7. Top with small pieces grilled Bacon

(If Microwave does not have a Potato setting then set cooking time to 4-5 minutes / potato)

Bacon & Beans
Bacon and Beans
  1. Add a small amount of Olive Oil to a warm pan
  2. Start cooking the bacon till it is approaching desired doneness
  3. Add the beans & stir until they are well coated with oil & starting to show signs of being cooked
Prawns and Bacon
Prawns (Shrimp) and Bacon
  1. Wrap Bacon Rashers around each prawn
  2. Place on skewers
  3. Grill until the bacon has cooked to your likeness
  4. Enjoy served on a bed of Rice

Oysters Kilpatrick
Oysters Kilpatrick
  1. Dice the bacon into small pieces & sprinkle on top of the Oysters
  2. Mix BBQ Sauce & Worcestershire Sauce then spoon over each oyster
  3. Place under the griller until bacon is cooked